Procuratio Consulting offers consultancy services within:

  • General Management & Strategy
    • Environmental advisory  
      • Environmental, Social, Governance, ESG
      • Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs  
    • Supply Chain Management
      • Distribution
      • Logistics
      • Procurement
    •  TIPS
      • Technology
      • Intellectual Capital
      • Processes
      • Strategy
    • Operational Turnaround
      • Continuous improvement
      • Change Management
      • Business process reengineering

Expertise in ESG, SDG, Rehabilitation within Specialist Health Services, Supply Chain Management (Distribution, Transport, Logistics and Purchasing), Bank and Finance, Media, Construction and Construction and Retail.

Glenn also gives lectures at conferences and acts as a mentor. Glenn is one of 30 international mentors for students at the University of East London in London, United Kingdom.