Volunteering and NGO Work

Dr Glenn Agung Hole is a distinguished vanguard in Business and Digital Transformation, Interim Management, and Management Philosophy. His fervour for social and environmental sustainability is palpable as he takes on the mentor role, guiding undergraduate and postgraduate students in Norway and beyond.

«Sustainability is not a mere trend or a checkbox on a to-do list; it’s the responsible choice, the legacy we pass to future generations. It’s the melody of life played harmoniously with nature’s rhythm.» Dr. Glenn Agung Hole, Ph.D.

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As a transformational luminary, Glenn employs his business acumen and expertise in Digital Transformation, Strategy, and Management to make a substantive impact, with a pronounced emphasis on sustainability.

Wearing multiple hats, Glenn imparts knowledge and wisdom as a lecturer and mentor in various domains, including Management, Strategy, HR, Business and Digital Transformation, Project Management, and Sustainability. His unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability is reflected in his contributions to scientific journals, blogs, and magazines, where he eloquently discusses sustainability, leadership, and the crucial importance of diversity and inclusion.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Glenn is actively engaged in philanthropy and community service. He holds pivotal positions on various boards, notably the Norwegian Church and the Ecumenical Association of St. Hallvard. His mentorship extends to students at the University of South-East Norway and the University of East London. Moreover, he holds the distinguished title of Emeritus President of the Georgian Association of Orthodox Monasteries in Norway. His involvement in international diplomacy is marked by his participation in dialogues across nations such as Norway, Sweden, Georgia, Ukraine, Egypt, and Kazakhstan.

His ecumenical efforts have garnered widespread acclaim and recognition. On May 24th, 2015, he was bestowed with the Blessing from the Georgian Patriarch of Georgia. This was followed by the Medal of St. John the Evangelist conferment by The Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople on July 11th, 2015. In 2017, he received the Episcopal blessing from His Holiness Pope Francis, and in 2020 he was honoured with the Grand Cross of the Order of the Eagle of Georgia.

With an unyielding sense of purpose to catalyze positive changes on a global scale, Glenn empowers others to unearth their innate talents, metamorphose their aspirations into tangible outcomes, and pave the way for a sustainable future.

8th – 10th June 2023 Dr Glenn Agung Hole attend as a Delegate at Astana International Finance Days and Astana International Forum

19th March 2023 Dr Glenn Agung Hole act as an International elections observer at the Parliament and local election

Bilateral dialogue with the University sector of Kazakstan

Dr Glenn Agung Hole has actively participated in scholarly intergovernmental and other NGO dialogues between various countries, including Norway, Sweden, Georgia, Ukraine, Egypt, and Kazakhstan.

Norway Church engagement of Dr Glenn Agung Hole

Dr Glenn Agung Hole, an esteemed academic and community leader, has emerged as a prominent candidate in the ongoing church elections. Currently serving his third term in the Bragernes Meninghetsråd, Dr Hole holds prestigious positions as the deputy leader and alternate member of the Kirkelig fellesråd in Drammen. His extensive experience and dedication have garnered recognition, positioning him as a strong contender for these roles. In addition, Dr Hole is now aiming to take on the position of list leader for the nominasjonskomité’s list in the Bispedømmeråd of Tunsbergs Bispedømme.

Dr Hole’s contributions to the Bragernes Meninghetsråd have been widely acknowledged, highlighting his deep commitment to strengthening the church community’s mission and values. As deputy leader, he has provided valuable guidance and support, fostering an environment of inclusivity and cooperation within the Meninghetsråd.

As an alternate member of the Kirkelig fellesråd in Drammen, Dr Hole has actively participated in decision-making processes and policy formulation. His expertise and dedication have influenced the council’s direction, ensuring the local church’s needs and aspirations are adequately addressed. Dr Hole’s collaborative approach and visionary leadership have earned him respect and admiration among his peers.

Dr Glenn Agung Hole now seeks to extend his influence by vying for a position in the prestigious Bispedømmeråd in Tunsbergs Bispedømme. This role carries significant responsibilities, and Dr Hole’s nomination reflects the community’s confidence in his ability to contribute effectively at a higher level. With his extensive knowledge and unwavering commitment to the church, Dr Hole is a strong candidate who can bring about positive change within the Bispedømmeråd.

Furthermore, Dr Hole’s decision to run for the kirkemøtet demonstrates his eagerness to participate in broader discussions and shape the church’s future at a national level. The kirkemøtet is pivotal in decision-making, determining the church’s direction on crucial matters. By putting himself forward, Dr Hole aims to represent the voices and concerns of the local church community on a larger stage.

When asked about his aspirations and goals, Dr Glenn Agung Hole expressed his dedication to fostering unity, embracing diversity, and addressing the evolving needs of the church. He emphasized the importance of community engagement and ensuring that the church remains a relevant and inclusive institution. Dr Hole aims to leverage his academic background and leadership experience to promote progressive values and inspire meaningful change if elected to these esteemed positions.

The church elections will occur in the coming weeks, including the Bispedømmeråd and kirkemøtet. The outcome of these elections will shape the leadership landscape of the church and determine its future course of action. Dr Glenn Agung Hole’s candidacy offers a fresh perspective and wealth of expertise, leaving the church community eager to witness his leadership’s results and potential impact if elected to these prestigious roles.

Valglister – Tunsberg bispedømme (kirken.no)

Menighetsrådet – Bragernes menighet (kirken.no)

Other NGO engamement of Dr Glenn Agung Hole


Dr. Hole has volunteered worked to help the Georgian Orthodox church to establish themselves with a monastery in Norway. Until last end-year 2015-/2016 Dr. Hole was elected President of the Association for the Georgian the monasteries of Saint Olav and Saint Sunniva in Norway.

In the period 2014 – 2016 he served as Elected Chairman of Virke Rehab.

In 2015 he visited the great country of Georgia several times and had several official meetings with both the State Minister of Diaspora,  Deputy Minister of Health, Chief of Economic Politics of the Georgia Parliament,  Minister of Tourism, the President of  Georgia, last but not least the Georgian Patriarch. Dr. Hole also met with members of the country’s unofficial royal family, HRH Prince Juan De Bagration Mukhrani.

Moreover Dr. Hole has been involved in volunteer work in Ukraine, Egypt, and Africa. He is work volunteer for the Church of Norway, Bragernes Church in Drammen.

He current serv as member of Bragernes Parish council of the Church of Norway, Committee Chairman for the new Church Building behind Bragernes Church in Drammen.

Glenn is also elected one of 30 international mentors for students at University of East London.

Glenn Hole with Autumn Szeliga, International Student Recruitment Officer at University of East London

Facilitating official meeting in the Norwegian Parliament for the Ukrainian Association of disable people with the former Deputy Chairman of  Transport committee Mr. Bård Hoksrud

From the period 2014 – 2016 where he served as Chairman of Virke Rehab – representing Virke in the Norwegian Parliament.

Official meeting with the President of Georgia

Official meeting with the President of Georgia

Official meeting with the Georgian Patriarch

Official meetings with the Georgian Minister of Diasporas

Official meeting with the Chief of Economic Politics in the Georgian Parliament

The Bernadotte Foundation in Stockholm, with Princess Marianne Bernadotte, Countess of Wisborg

The Bernadotte Foundation in Stockholm, with Princess Marianne Bernadotte, Countess of Wisborg

In Kiev, Ukraine,   Association of disable peoples arrangement in Kiev.

VIP guest In Kiev, Ukraine,   Association of disable peoples arrangement in Kiev.

Sustainability Meeting with Oslo’s Bishop Kari Veiteberg

Environmental management at NTNU

Environmental Meeting With Orkla and the Norwegian Primeminister Erna Solberg

Bilateral meetings with Prince Juan De Bagration-Mukhrani of Georgia